Thanksgiving Break November 25-30, 2020

Congratulations First Quarter Honor Roll Students!

Presley Boulis

Brady Browning, Ethan Browning

Anna Cooper

Daavyn Coy, Denasia Coy, Devareya Coy

Amy Davis

Andrew deLima, Isaac deLima, Grace deLima

Adelyn Hawkins

Jesse Highlander, Lydia Highlander

Jacob Nims, Kathryn Nims

Alana Oliver

Viviana Schreck, Karis Schreck

Skyline Spears

Stephan Wallace
Congratulations First Quarter Merit Roll Students:

Naiomi Biggins

Lauren Gallatin

Charles Morgan

Joshua Nims Jr.

Ava Oliver

Ruth Rayl

Rainah Schreck

Western Sidoti

Kaydence Weyer, Rebecca Weyer


Science Fair

Firelands Christian Academy’s Science Fair for grades K-11 will be on March 19, 2020.  While students have worked at school to complete the research for their topic, they will finish up their projects at home.

#1 Complete their project board.

#2 Prepare and practice their presentation

K-3 Students need to be able to share each of their facts.

4-6 Students need to prepare a 2-3 minute presentation to share the information    about their topic.

7-11 Students need to have a well-organized 3-5 minute presentation thoroughly covering the points of their thesis statement.

Below are guidelines to help as you are preparing project boards. 

Download (PDF, 153KB)