Thanksgiving Break November 25-30, 2020

Congratulations First Quarter Honor Roll Students!

Presley Boulis

Brady Browning, Ethan Browning

Anna Cooper

Daavyn Coy, Denasia Coy, Devareya Coy

Amy Davis

Andrew deLima, Isaac deLima, Grace deLima

Adelyn Hawkins

Jesse Highlander, Lydia Highlander

Jacob Nims, Kathryn Nims

Alana Oliver

Viviana Schreck, Karis Schreck

Skyline Spears

Stephan Wallace
Congratulations First Quarter Merit Roll Students:

Naiomi Biggins

Lauren Gallatin

Charles Morgan

Joshua Nims Jr.

Ava Oliver

Ruth Rayl

Rainah Schreck

Western Sidoti

Kaydence Weyer, Rebecca Weyer


College Credit Plus




College Credit Plus is a program which helps students in grades 7-12 earn college and high school credits at the same time.  Students attending a private school like FCA are eligible to participate in this program as well as receive state funding.



To get a better understanding of this program and the most up to date information and deadlines, click here.



To discuss this program further, please set up a meeting with Mrs. Browning any time before January 15 of the school year prior to your student’s intended participation year.




Important CCP dates:


Feb. 15 – March 15: Complete College Applications


Feb. 15 – April 1: Submit Letter of Intent  


Parents of private and homeschool students are required to establish an OH| ID account before the family can apply for funding ( The OH|
ID account can be established at any time, and has replaced the SAFE Portal to access funding applications and awards.


Before March 31: Complete School Counseling Requirement

Schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Browning to complete this step.


Feb. 25 – April 8: Apply for funding


Before May 15: Funding award notifications sent






Students may now choose to take courses during the college’s summer term.  Because summer terms may begin as early as May, be sure to complete the letter of intent early so you can continue the process.