Thanksgiving Break November 25-30, 2020

Congratulations First Quarter Honor Roll Students!

Presley Boulis

Brady Browning, Ethan Browning

Anna Cooper

Daavyn Coy, Denasia Coy, Devareya Coy

Amy Davis

Andrew deLima, Isaac deLima, Grace deLima

Adelyn Hawkins

Jesse Highlander, Lydia Highlander

Jacob Nims, Kathryn Nims

Alana Oliver

Viviana Schreck, Karis Schreck

Skyline Spears

Stephan Wallace
Congratulations First Quarter Merit Roll Students:

Naiomi Biggins

Lauren Gallatin

Charles Morgan

Joshua Nims Jr.

Ava Oliver

Ruth Rayl

Rainah Schreck

Western Sidoti

Kaydence Weyer, Rebecca Weyer



 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general requirements for enrollment?  

  1. There must be one committed Christian parent in the home.
  2. Regular and consistent church attendance is required with Pastoral reference. 
  3. 5th-12th grade students must be a Christian.
  4. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before September 30th.
  5. First grade students must be 6 years old on or before September 30th.

How do I enroll my student in Firelands Christian Academy?  

  1. Complete and submit the application.
  2. After the board has reviewed the application, an interview will be conducted.
  3. If a student is entering Kindergarten, a Kindergarten readiness screening will be scheduled.
  4. Prospective students are approved or declined through a letter or phone call.


Is there a deadline for applying to FCA?  


Students must be enrolled at Firelands Christian Academy by August 1 in order to have textbooks by the first day of school.  Remember, there is an application process to follow.  To ensure that your child is able to begin school on time, you should allow for at least two weeks to complete the application process and to accommodate appropriate book orders.  FCA does not accept new students during the school year.


Does FCA offer gym, art and music classes?  


Yes.  For all grades K-4, FCA has gym, art and music class once a week.  We offer several electives in grades 5-12 and follow state graduation requirements in high school.


Is your Kindergarten a full day or half day program?  


Kindergarten is a full day program, beginning at 8:15am and dismissing at 3:00pm.  We focus on the core subjects in the morning (phonics, reading, math, handwriting, science/history) and finish the afternoon with a lighter schedule consisting of special units, specials (gym, art, and music), rest time, and other activities targeted to developing the student’s fine and gross motor skills.


Do you have a qualified teaching staff?  


All of our lead elementary teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in education, and are required to provide the core instruction for all students.  Teachers of core subjects for junior high/high school students have either a degree in education or have a degree/significant experience in the course(s) they are teaching.  High school students take their core subjects online through the Abeka Academy program.  Each teacher on this program is licensed in their subject.  FCA also employs teacher aids to assist our lead teachers with various parts of the school day.


What curriculum does FCA use?


At FCA we use the Abeka curriculum for phonics, spelling, grammar, reading, mathematics (8-12), science (3-12), social studies, and Bible (K-2).  ACSI’s Purposeful Design curriculum is used for mathematics (K-7), science (K-2), and Bible (3-12).  High school students complete their language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies courses online through Abeka Academy.


How is Bible integrated into the classroom each day?


At FCA, students are surrounded by a teaching staff that loves the Lord Jesus and has a personal relationship with Him and strive to set a godly example for the student body.  Throughout the school day, students study from a curriculum that integrates Biblical principals in ways such as literature stories, math story problems, and spelling words.  History textbooks include important information about the founding of our nation and the Christian beliefs of many of our founding fathers.  Science textbooks and daily lessons are taught with a Biblical worldview so students understand how the origin of the universe and people occurred and how science helps prove the accuracy of the Bible, not contradict it.  All students have a daily Bible class and a weekly chapel service.


What is your class size?


FCA provides instruction for grades K-12.  Because our student body is relatively small at this time, we have combined classrooms (with Kindergarten being the exception).  Our classrooms average ten students per room (please note: this number varies from year to year and is an average).


Do you provide testing for your students?  


Yes. FCA administers the TerraNova 3 test each April for all grade levels.  We test in every grade level each year, in order to effectively monitor our students’ progress and teacher performance.


Does FCA have a sports program?


The athletic program at FCA is continuously being developed as the school continues to grow.  We currently offer boys and girls basketball for grades 5-12.  Student participation determines whether or not we are able to have a team from year to year.  FCA welcomes area home school students into all athletic programs.  Additional sports may be added as the student body continues to grow.  Many students attending FCA choose to participate in their district’s public school athletic program for sports not offered at FCA.  


Can FCA students participate in public school sports?


Yes. FCA students are permitted to participate in athletic programs at the public school in their district.


Does FCA have a uniform?


Yes. FCA implements a basic school uniform.  Guidelines are found in the Parent/Student Handbook on our website –


Where is Firelands Christian Academy located? 


FCA is located at 3809 Maple Avenue, just off Bogart Road in Castalia.  Our location in Castalia is approximately 10 minutes from Sandusky and Bellevue.


Thank you for your interest in Firelands Christian Academy!  We look forward to working with your family in the future.  To get more information about FCA and answers to additional questions,