First Day of School: August 27, 2019

No School September 2, 2019

Labor Day

  September 10, 2019

FCA Fall Banquet

October 3, 2019

School Uniform

School Uniform Guidelines



SOLID Collared Shirts in White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, or Orange :



*In order to keep our colors uniform, orange shirts MUST be ordered through the links provided.  Please click on the size for ordering.  When ordering, choose ORANGE (not burnt orange or dark orange).

white polo  lt blue polo navy poloorange shirtGirls, Boys, Women’s, Men’s

white long sleeve polo   lt blue long sleeve polo   long sleeve plue polo

white collared shirt  lt blue collared  navy button up girls

SOLID Khaki Pants or capri pants in Tan or Navy Blue (no cargo pockets):

khaki pantblue pant

SOLID Khaki Shorts in Tan or Navy Blue (1st quarter/May):

kahki shorts    navy short

SOLID Khaki Skirts, Jumpers, Polo Dresses in Tan or Navy Blue:

khaki uniform skirt   navy skirt wrap  blue pleated skirt

khaki jumper    navy blue jumper   navy polo dress

SOLID Sweaters or Zip up Sweatshirts in White or Navy Blue:

blue sweater   blue sweater button    blue pull over sweater    white sweater blue vestblue sweatshirt

Gym Clothes

SOLID Shorts, Sweats or Gym Pants (black, gray, navy, or school colors – royal blue or orange)


gray short           royal shorts                    black short                   orange shorts

graynavy  black

   *If a stripe is present, it MUST be one of the approved gym colors.  For example: black shorts with a white stripe is permitted.  Black shorts with a red stripe is not permitted.

black pantroyal gym pant

Full Guidelines:

Download (PDF, 60KB)

Fca Student Dress Code
Fca Student Dress Code
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